Freedom Wheels

Providing accessible solutions to meet your needs at home and on the go.

In Home Visits

In-Home Assessments, Modifications, Installments and Deliveries

Freedom Wheels provides in-home assessments for individuals with disabilities who are unable for any reason to travel to our office and need to be fitted for a wheelchair, scooter or other mobility device. We understand that transportation can be a huge barrier for many people with disabilities. We want to be sure you get the services and products you need to maintain your independence.

If you need any of the services or products we provide, your home modified in any way, need a ramp or elevator installed, to be fitted for a wheelchair or scooter, need a lift chair, an electric bed or any product or service we provide please call us at 713.864.1460 to schedule an in-home visit. To assure that staff is prepared to assist you properly tell us what barriers you are encountering and what products and services you are interested in.