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After Our Visit

Each provider or insurer has different policies and procedures in place so it’s difficult to give you a standard timeline for delivery of services. Expect that you will be asked by your provider for documentation from medical professionals to authorize payment for the product or service. This is called preauthorization and most insurers require this to assure that the service or product you need is deemed “a payable product or service.” You will receive an explanation of benefits which provides details of coverage.

Freedom Wheels staff has experience in working with all types of providers so we will assist you throughout this process.

Once the provider is satisfied that the product or service is covered we will be sent a purchase order or authorization to provide you with the product or service you need. As soon as we receive it our staff will call you and work will begin to get the product to you or start work on the modification or installation.

If it is a product you need we will deliver it to your home and perform any fittings there. If our staff will be performing work in your home we will develop a timeline for completion with you.