Freedom Wheels

Providing accessible solutions to meet your needs at home and on the go.

Vehicle Modifications

When we perform vehicle modifications we work with the driving evaluator and consumer to create a driving system that will optimize consumers abilities and design it in a way that is both safe and esthetically appealing to them. Consumers can expect an initial “fitting” to take a few hours as careful measurements must be made so the design will accommodate their specific needs. A final fitting is always conducted and there may be other consultation and interactions throughout the process to assure that the system meets consumer expectations. Freedom Wheels encourages consumer participation and involvement throughout the process. Upon completion each vehicle modified is put through a rigorous, comprehensive testing regimen in order to assure that each system is operating at an optimum level of safety.

We ensure consistent safety and quality through compliance and engagement with industry standard setting organizations. All of our systems have been tested under SAE testing protocols. SAE is a globally active professional standards organization for engineering professionals in different industries including automotive. Automotive technology is always evolving. In order to assure our systems can interface with the latest innovations in OEM driving systems we continually improve and refine our technology.

Home and Other Structural Modifications

Freedom Wheels has performed numerous home modifications, lift and elevator installations in buildings, homes and into pools. All staff are experienced in performing modifications.