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Funding and Legal Resources

At Freedom Wheels we like to keep our customers educated and informed. Below you will find information about funding options and information about disability law that we hope you will find useful.

There are both public and private resources which provide funding for the purpose of modifying vehicles, purchasing assistive technology, making home modifications and making changes to improve access to your business for persons with disabilities. Please call us at 713-864-1460 or 1-888-422-5337 if you need help understanding any of these programs. We are happy to assist with any paperwork or send you the documents.

Vehicle Modifications, Equipment and Funding to Support Employment

Vocational rehabilitation programs helps people with disabilities prepare for, find and keep jobs. These agencies provide work related services and may include counseling, training, medical treatment, assistive devices, job placement assistance, and other services. Eligibility criteria for these programs include: the presence of a physical or mental disability that results in a substantial impediment to employment, whether the individual is employable after receiving services, and whether services are required to achieve employment outcomes. Go to the Job Accommodations listing of vocational rehabilitation agencies to find the program the serves your state. Vocational Rehab Agencies

Home Modifications

Vocational Rehabilitation agencies also provide funding for transportation, home modifications and other services and support for those who may not be able to become employed because of their disability.

Find the agency and more about the programs that serve your state.

Vehicle Modifications

Vocational Rehabilitation agencies will fund vehicle modifications for qualified individuals with disabilities. These may include any mechanical or structural changes that allow an individual to drive or ride in a car. Modifications funded also include scooter or wheelchair loaders and lifts, adaptive controls which enable people to operate controls such as accelerator, foot brake, steering wheel, and dimmer switches.

Most states, including Texas, are "consumer choice" states which means that individuals can select the vendor and products they prefer as long as they have been accepted by the state. You will want to consider what products work for you, what they may cost you over their life cycle, and their service policies.

Find the agency and more about the programs that serve your state.